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"Ways to Really Take Care of Your Customers"
By Fernando Camacho
Y our business is nothing without your customers. They are your lifeblood, and without them you would be forced to close up shop and give up on your entrepreneurial dreams.

You already know this though, right?

Of course you do. So, the real question is, are you really doing a good job of taking care of them at a level that is indicative of something so critical to the livelihood of your business?

Despite whether your answer is “Yes,” “No” or “Possibly,” there is always room for improvement! Here are four ways to up your customer-care game and get people to use your services more often:

1 Over-Deliver. Strive to provide your customers with five to 10 times more value than what they’re paying out to you. Right after the transaction is complete, give them something more. Giving people more makes them feel good and appreciative. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re receiving way more than what you signed up for. Provide more value, give extra services and little bonuses along the way, and watch your customer loyalty grow.
2 Surprise Them. Everyone loves getting surprise gifts…I mean, what’s not to love? It’s great to give unexpected bonuses to brighten a client’s day and to increase their love of your business. Doing this not only makes the customer happier, but also primes them up to be more receptive to future offers. If your surprises are good, they will also run out and tell their friends how awesome you are, and continue to use you well into the future.
Hand holding a gift bag
Everyone loves getting surprise gifts…I mean, what’s not to love? It’s great to give unexpected bonuses to brighten a client’s day and to increase their love of your business.
3 Incentivize Repeat Business. The more people use your services, the more they will enjoy your business and the easier it is to get them coming back in to spend more money. The simple way to get people to come in more and buy bigger packages (with bigger commitments) is to give them a discount. The more they buy, the lower the cost per visit. You want to make those large packages as appealing as possible, because the more they get used to using your facility and making it a part of their routine, the less likely it will be for them to stop.
4 Kick-Ass Customer Service. Customer service is just such an easy way to provide better care for your customers and a great way to lead them to purchase more. Normal customer service is of course expected, but really great customer service is rare and something that people will easily pay more for. If you have unbelievable customer service, you can charge more money for everything you do and not have to change anything else in your business. Whoever has the best customer service is going to have the most loyal customers—I guarantee it!
All of the above things can help you differentiate yourself from all the other dog daycare businesses in your area, and help customers see the value in what your business provides. When you provide so much additional value, you trigger what’s called “the principal of reciprocity,” which basically means that, the more you give to someone, the more they feel the need to return the favor.

No matter how happy your customers currently are with your services, putting these tips into action will definitely make them feel better about your business, increase their loyalty and get them talking about your business more.

Fernando Camacho (Fern) runs Overdog Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in working with dog daycare and boarding facilities. He does private business consulting, staff training and helps pet businesses utilize modern resources to expand their customer base and grow their businesses. Fern is also the author of six books and is a speaker at national conferences and private events. To join The Dog Daycare Business Think Tank or ask a question, go to: