How Selling More Pet Services is as Easy as typography in muted yellow

By Dominic Hodgson

ollowing formulas works really well in marketing. You’ve got your classic “PAS (Pain Agitate Solution)” formula, which you can use for any kind of advertising. Then you have the similar but slightly different copy formula, “AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).” And I’m sure you’re very familiar with the “Know, Like, Trust” process, which, when you get it right, ensures you’ll attract great clients, who are truly bought into you before they buy from you. Then there’s “iTell, Show, Tell,” which is what I learned as a sales rep working for Imperial Tobacco. You tell them what you are going to show them, you show them, and then tell them what you’ve just shown them. It sounds basic, but we distributed and sold a lot of cigarettes using that technique.

A formula or framework like this makes it easy to remember what you should be doing. You are following a tried-and-tested, sequential way of doing things, and sticking to this framework stops you from missing out on any crucial steps in the process. So, to help make it easier for you to promote your pet care services, I thought I would share my simple three-step pet care promotional process. And they don’t come any simpler than ABC…

This ABC plan is a formula you can use to promote and sell any kind of service. The A, B and C stand for:

  • Attention
  • Believability
  • Conversion
Attention is the one thing we need before we do anything. My old dog training mentor, David Davies, used to say, “If the dog isn’t looking at you, the dog isn’t listening to you. So before you start to train him, you must first get his attention.”

Now, you get a dog’s attention by identifying something he likes or that motivates him, which could be food or toys. I call this “finding the kryptonite.” When marketing your business, the kryptonite you are looking for is something that excites your audience. And the attention you create with your marketing is the currency that buys eyes on your business.

There are many ways to get attention, but the ultimate marketing kryptonite is putting on some kind of an event. It doesn’t really matter what the event is—it could be a seminar, a webinar, a program, a book launch, an in-person get-together, a group dog walk, an open day at your facility…the options are endless. An event is exciting. It draws people in. It gives people a reason to look and listen to you. You’re essentially saying, “Hey, look! I’m doing this exciting thing. Check it out!” Instead of saying, “Buy my services!”

The best and most successful businesses have new events happening all the time, and they do that to maintain attention and keep eyes on their business. You can start small with your events and build up over time.

black pug wearing st. patrick's day themed headband

Here are some upcoming “holidays” you can turn into events to promote your pet car services!


  • March 10th The Oscars
  • March 14th Dog
  • Theft Awareness Day
  • March 17th St. Patricks Day
  • March 30th National Take A Walk in the Park Day
  • March 31st Easter


  • April 1st National Pooper Scooper Week
  • April 10th National Hug Your Dog Day
  • April 19th National Cat Lady Day
  • April 27th National Tell A Story Day
Once your business catches people’s attention, the next step is to demonstrate its value. An effective method is sharing stories from satisfied customers or, better yet, letting those customers share their own experiences through testimonials. This is the “B” of the ABC formula—Believability.

Testimonials are SO powerful, yet hardly anyone ever uses them. You can—and should—use testimonials everywhere in your marketing. For example, you can use them on your website and your social media; in your newsletters, postcards and leaflets; add them to all of your services pages, podcasts and videos. I even have clients who have made testimonial booklets that are mini books filled with happy client case studies.

Using the right testimonials will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to selling your services, and genuine testimonials add credibility to your business. They are seen as unbiased opinions, especially when they include specific details about the positive aspects of your product or service.

As humans, we are genetically programmed to trust our tribe in the absence of more credible information because it makes decision-making easier in the fight for survival.

The herd mentality is a powerful force across humanity. If “everybody else” thinks this product is great, then it must be great. And because human beings are tribal by nature, if we’re uncertain how to act, we take our cue from those around us. It’s known as the “bandwagon effect.”

The perfect testimonial should ideally read like a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending. You can guide your clients to create compelling testimonials by prompting them to share their experience in three stages: before, during and after using your services.

For example:

  1. What were they struggling with and how did they feel before they started using your services?
  2. What was their experience like working with you?
  3. How has life with their dog improved after using your service?

Asking these questions guarantees you will get great testimonials, which adds the believability factor to your service.


Now, we come to the final part of the ABC process, the Conversion, A.K.A selling. This is where most business owners get tongue-tied, they break out into a cold sweat and they get their knickers in a twist because they feel so uncomfortable selling anything. But if you want your business to be the vehicle for all the nice things you want in life, want your employees to thrive as part of a stable and successful company, and want your business to continue to be a force for good in your canine community, then it MUST make money—which means you need to get better at selling.

Don’t think of it as “selling” but rather “reminding” people that you have services that can help them. To do this, talk about a common problem your clients experience and remind them how your service can be a solution.

For example:

  1. Are you unable to go on holiday because you don’t have a responsible pet caretaker for your dog? Ask about our stress-free boarding service!
  2. Do you dread leaving for work each morning because your dog is bored at home? Our daycare can help! Call us now to book a FREE meet and greet.
  3. Are you worried your puppy will grow into a monster mutt who is impossible to control? Sign up for our puppy training classes.

The clever thing about this ABC formula is, you never actually have to say “Do you want to buy my services?” By using the formula, you instead say:

Attention: I’m doing this event (webinar, promotion, challenges, video, etc.) to help people who are suffering from this kind of problem.

Believability: Here’s a bunch of case studies from people who I’ve already helped solve the kind of problem you are suffering from.

Conversion: And here’s how you can work with me to get the same results they did.
So, there you go. This sure-fire system will ensure you sell more services any time of the year, simple as ABC!

Dom Hodgson is Europe’s leading pet business coach, and is known as the Pet Biz Wiz. His mission is to help pet service providers create superior customer service systems that enable them to build an impactful and profitable pet business. Dom has written over nine books, and is a much in-demand speaker. You can instantly download a free copy of his latest book “How to Disnify Your Doggy Daycare Business” by going to