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By Dominic Hodgson
Green uppercase letter I drocap f you’re anything like most pet business owners, you probably sit in one of two camps when artificial intelligence (AI) and, specifically, ChatCPT are mentioned. Your reaction will either be, “What are you talking about?” or “OMG ChatGPT has changed my life!”

The funny thing is, it’s amazing how quickly you can jump from group one to group two once you’ve learned what it is—and tried it out for yourself.

So, what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a remarkable AI language model developed by OpenAI. It can understand and generate human-like text in conversations. Think of it as your virtual chat companion, ready to provide assistance, answer questions and engage in meaningful discussions. ChatGPT can help pet business owners by offering insights, ideas and suggestions on various topics, such as marketing strategies, customer communication and problem-solving.

Client/Staff Communications
What if you have a client who is dyslexic? This is more common than you might think. In the past, I’ve had coaching clients with dyslexia, and we used to print communications on blue paper because it was easier for them to read than if the words were on white paper. However, AI allows you to do a whole lot more than that…
Imagine struggling to communicate with a dyslexic client whose emails are difficult to read, leading to numerous back-and-forth exchanges to clarify misunderstandings. Instead, why not write a loose response to their email, feed it to ChatGPT and ask that it be rewritten for a person with severe dyslexia. AI will spit out a rewrite that is perfect, with short sentences, simple words and any unnecessary formatting removed.

You can also use it for dyslexic staff members who struggle with reading and writing by assisting with spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

Website Content
It can also help with creating and refining any kind of copy on your website, like on your “About Us” page or your “FAQ” page. Feed it data about yourself and your company and have it come up with compelling copy for your “About Us” page. Or, ask ChatGPT for an example of the copy you could use for a “FAQ” page that addresses common concerns, worries, and frustrations of dog owners looking for a trustworthy daycare or boarding facility.
Content Creation
You can also use ChatGTP to help you create content for social media, blog posts/articles and YouTube descriptions. Here’s an example:
Floating screenshot of an Instagram post showing a green picture consisted of words and a photo caption of words/hashtags from the ChatGPT account with a red heart meaning post was liked and two green gear vector icons on the side of the floating social media post
My prompt:

Help me create 3 attention-grabbing Instagram posts for busy dog owners in Carrolton, Texas. The posts should address pain points, provide useful tips, and position my daycare as the solution. Can you also include relevant local info and hashtags?

AI’s reply:

1) Caption: Are you tired of your dog’s crazy energy disrupting your daily routine? Unleashed energy can lead to destructive behaviors and create chaos. But fret not, we’re here to help you regain control and bring balance to your life!

2) Content: TIP: Engage your pup in mentally stimulating activities, like puzzle toys or scent work, to channel their energy in a positive way. A tired dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a peaceful home!

3) Call to Action: Reach out to us via DM to discover how our specialized activities and exercises can provide the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs. Let’s restore tranquility to your daily routine!

4) Hashtags: #ChannelEnergy #MentalStimulation #BalancedDog #CarroltonDogs #DogEnrichment

Business Planning
What if you are at the planning stage of launching a new service within your business and need a name for it?

I typed this prompt into ChatGPT:

I run a doggy daycare that offers enriching, stimulating experiences for dogs in our care where we play games, do scent work, and training. Instead of just “advanced daycare sessions,” I want my new premium service name to be something more exciting. Can you give me 3 suggestions for new and exciting service names, and a subheading that tells the clients more about what we do and how it benefits the dog (and the owner)?

There are the replies I received:

1) “Pawsome Adventure Academy”
Subheading: Unleash Thrills and Skills – Elevating Happiness and Boundless Exploration for Adventurous Dogs!

2) “Pawsitive Playland Masterclass”
Subheading: Unleashing Joy, Nurturing Harmony – Elevating Happiness and Wellbeing in an Exclusive Canine Session!

3) “Canine WonderWorld Workshop”
Subheading: Where Adventure Begins – Unveiling Extraordinary Experiences and Enrichment for Inquisitive Canine Explorers!

Not bad at all. And with a few tweaks, I would say they would be good to go!

Staffing and Systemising

How about getting AI to help with customer support? AI-powered chatbots can handle routine customer inquiries, such as answering frequently asked questions about services, prices and appointment availability. This reduces the workload on staff members and ensures that customer queries are addressed promptly.

Or let it help with (the bane of many pet business owners’ lives) creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that enable staff to follow established processes and uphold your high standards. ChatGPT can assist in creating comprehensive documentation and SOPs for various tasks and processes within your pet business. By providing ChatGPT with specific instructions and guidelines, it can generate detailed, step-by-step procedures that can be used as training materials for staff members.

However, as each business will do things slightly differently, you aren’t going to get a true SOP for your own procedure. So, for this kind of thing, I’d highly recommend you record audio or video of you talking through each procedure (ideally, live), then get the audio transcribed (using or similar), and then finally just use ChatGPT to tidy it up and make it more logical/sensible.

Green & black quote text on a white background with two green vector parenthesis icons next to it
This is an incredibly powerful tool that is constantly evolving. We don’t know what it will be capable of in the coming weeks, months or years! However, it’s still just a tool that will be more useful for some tasks than others. Personally, I think AI, and ChatGPT in particular, will make mine and my clients’ business processes much more efficient and effective. However, both my clients and I are using it to complement our existing skills.

Remember, anything you can use AI to do for you, so can your competitors. Therefore, you should always (and I mean ALWAYS) add some personalization to any content you put out there; add a story, an opinion or any personal details that help the reader to see who the article is from. People buy people. If you lack a distinct voice, personality, opinions and values, then the lifeless ChatGPT content you put out will only contribute to the abundance of dull, unremarkable content that clogs up the internet—and you don’t want that!

Dom Hodgson, also known as The Pet Biz Wiz and Europe’s Number #1 pet business coach, is on a mission to empower pet service providers with superior marketing and customer service systems, paving the way for impactful and profitable pet businesses. With over nine books written and being a sought-after speaker, Dom is your go-to expert for success in the pet industry. You can instantly download a free copy of his latest book “How to Disnify Your Doggy Daycare Business” by going to